Meet Jeff Devlin

If you’re an HGTV junkie, you definitely know Jeff Devlin. With his numerous shows, including Ellen’s Design Challenge, he’s sure to give you the design tips you’re looking for. Make sure to catch him live on the Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show's Main Stage sponsored by Slumberland Furniture on Friday at 4pm and Saturday at 1pm and 4pm. But first, enjoy our brief interview with Jeff below!

Jeff Devlin

Q: What’s an easy DIY project homeowners can tackle to improve their space?
Jeff: "DecClutter!!! You don’t always have to get out the drill or hammer to make a big impact. Moving the furniture around and getting rid of unnecessary items will help a space tremendously. Most homeowners will decorate or furnish their homes and keep it the same way until they move. So move some things around and see how your space has a whole new feel without investing anything but good ol’ sweat equity."

What was the last picture you took with your phone?
Jeff: "A picture of my dog, Gretel while on a walk."

What’s one thing we wouldn’t guess about you?
Jeff: "I have rheumatoid arthritis!"

Q: What’s a common mistake homeowners make when they take on a home improvement project themselves?
Jeff: "Jumping in without a plan! Time and time again I look at the faces of those at the big box store that are over their heads with a project, because they simply didn’t do the research to figure out what it would take to finish it. Know your budget and make map out a plan!"

Q: What’s a must-have at any party you’re throwing?
Jeff: "The short answer would be bathrooms, but the real answer would have to be Guinness and acoustic live music. I am a huge fan of music and feel that it chills people out and gets them to relax. Most of the family and friends are music buffs as well so that always is something to look forward to. And Guinness, nuff’ said!"

Q: Where do you go online to find inspiration?
Jeff: "Tough question as the fun with the internet is that you can find inspiration everywhere. Recently it has come from Instagram and some of the crazy amazing things people are experimenting with in the way of wood, joinery, finishes."

Q: What’s one thing you wish every homeowner knew?
Jeff: "How to calculate square footage of a room."

Q: What are your best small space living hacks?
Jeff: "Determine what you truly need and get rid of everything else. It is freeing to rid yourself of stuff. Every year it always feels so good to do spring cleaning. The truth is most of the time it is just stuff you have accumulated over the year, but probably don’t use.

Q: What decor items are worth splurging on?
Jeff: "Antique furniture. I know it was well built. Those older, completely custom pieces were made by hand not machine. You will have that furniture not just for your lifetime but most likely the next generation as well."

Q: What are your best outdoor decor tips?
Jeff: "Take advantage of what you already have. Incorporate the natural elements and native plants in and around your property. This work well for all homes."

Q: Could you live in a tiny home?
Jeff: "Yep, as long as I was the only one in it!"

Get more home improvement ideas and advice from Jeff when you see him at the Minneapolis Home + Remodeling Show this weekend! 

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