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Have a first look at the masterpieces of furniture that have been thoughtfully designed by local partners for the cities poshest puppies, all in support of a great cause!  These dog furniture pieces will be auctioned off throughout the weekend with all funds going to Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARS). Want to make a donation directly to MARS?  Donate HERE!

Check out the furniture that will be at the show!

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Personalized Pooch Pad

Hoffman Weber Construction
"Pets are a part of the family, and just like our children they have lots of "stuff" that impacts our daily life.  With a little ingenuity and some small accommodations, we can incorporate pets’ needs into your home design to greatly improve its functionality and aesthetics.  It's all about building off of central concepts addressed in everyday interior remodeling such as integrating storage and choosing the right materials." Hoffmann rendering

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Hound Hammock

Finished Basement Company
Bed Dimensions:  54 ¾”W x 39 ¼” D x 18 ¼”H
Finished Basement Company is an award winning design build firm who takes space planning and creativity to a whole new level. Our creative office atmosphere has an open dog policy; we love bringing our furry friends into our space to get encourage by their positive energy. Our dog bed was inspired by the cutting edge designs that we create for our clients. We hope all furry friends & owners enjoy our terruuffic bed!
Finished Basement

KS95 LogoCanine Cave

KS95 - Staci
KS95 and Painted Table have created the ultimate doggie cubby end table with cozy cushion, refinished woodwork perfect for a multi purpose end table and dog bed, giving your dog a great option to the couch. These were inspired by the end table my parents had in the 80s when I was little.  I used to love to sit inside of it.
Staci Barkitecture

My Talk LogoFurry Fairy Fortress

My Talk 107 - Alexis
Fairy gardens are all the rage right now, so I  wanted to capture that wave, and create an imaginative, whimsical spot for a small dog to rest.
Fairy Barkitecture

The Pixie

Josh Linde
My puppy-in law is a small, papillon princess who loves elegant design.
Pixie Barkitecture

Big Lou

Josh Linde
My 7 year-old Great Dane, Louie, has the energy of a sloth. Nothing is more comfortable than his Big Lou bed.

Big Lou on his bed